About Us

Putting aside all the anticipated hype, we are simply a weak and broken people being formed by the relentless love of God. We see God’s love for us most brilliantly on display in the person and work of Jesus. So we talk about him, a lot. Jesus demonstrated God’s love for us, and the good news of God’s constant mercy and unstoppable grace begins to do the work of transforming our hearts so that we may better express his love to the world around us.

The day we claim to know the gospel sufficiently is the day we know the least about it. As we deepen our understanding of the person and work of Jesus, we come to know really good news. Our mission as a church is to constantly be in the pursuit of the discovery of the gospel.

As we discover the depth of our redemption and new found freedom in Christ, we are empowered by God’s grace to express His love, joy, peace, & a thousand other beautiful attributes to one another and better express Jesus to the world as we live our lives in community. We share good things with one another all the time. The gospel of Jesus Christ becomes the best news possible, because it is news that gives us divine hope, forgiveness, favor, and peace. We are always looking for creative and appropriate ways to share that good news of Jesus with others.

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East North Church, Greenville, SC – Discover. Demonstrate. Declare.